What skills does your team need to develop?

We work with corporations, non-profits, education & healthcare agencies as they develop communications strategies. While training programs are customized to meet each company's needs, our sessions include the following topics:

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  • Improving Communications in the Workplace

  • Mastering Your Presentation Skills

  • Mastering your Life Energy - Rejuvenate the Leader Within

  • Building Cohesive and Productive Work Teams

  • Using Emergenetics to discover thinking preferences and behaviors

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • Empowered Communication

  • Managerial Styles — Developing Your Leadership Strength

  • Leading with a Wise Mind: Neuroscience and Leadership

  • Discovering and Building On Your Strengths

  • Leading with Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Handling Conflict and Challenging Conversations

  • Custom sessions available upon request!

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