"Coaching with Dawn has literally changed my life. Gaining better understanding of my strengths, purpose and goals has empowered me to lean into my dreams. The best description I can give for the changes I have seen in my life since coaching with Dawn is that I went from feeling like life was running me and now I am running my life" - A. Johnson, Ministries Leader, Boulder. CO. 

"Everyone needs a champion in their life. Someone who sees your potential. the possibilities. and the best in you and helps you tap into it! Dawn asks questions that help you see what is going on inside you and offers fresh perspectives for what is going on around you. She will help you build self-confidence. define your values. Spend your energy working out of your strengths and have clear and compelling goals. These are the things Dawn did for me and this is what she can do for you. and more." - Laura D. Health Care Liaison and Speaker, CO. 

"Dawn's coaching was invaluable as I explored my relationships and discovered that I was literally living from the neck up. Dawn's authenticity and her approachable style created a safe environment for personal learning and I was able to identify specific behaviors and action steps I could take immediately to improve my relationships at home and at work." - L. Simpson, School Administrator, CO

"Dawn was a breath of fresh air! From the moment we met to scopethe work through delivery, she listened, offered insight and customized something which exceeded my desired outcomes. Not only was the training fun and lively, the atmosphere in my group continues to be light, lively and productive. Thank you, Dawn for being such an inspiration to my team!" — E. Gomez, Human Resources Director, Boulder, CO

"Dawn's insight and communication ideas will inspire your team and create a powerful, collaborative environment that is more fun to work in, and more conducive to reaching goals." - Scott S., President, International HR Firm